The internet and World Wide Web have changed how we do business as much, perhaps more, than any other development in the last century. The smallest local business in the tiniest hamlet now has access to a national or even global audience. Choosing to take advantage of this platform isn't a question of "if", but simply a question of when and how.

The way businesses create and maintain in-roads has changed dramatically, and the pace of this (r)evolution isn't slowing down. Be it a website, social media, some form of e-commerce, or an integrated approach, virtually every business needs an internet presence to realize their potential for success.

Net Prophet can help you and your business create an internet presence that's right for you, your business, and your customers.

In case you're wondering...

The short answer is probably somewhere between $400 and $4000...but that's not a very good answer, is it? The long, and correct, answer is that it depends on complexity of design, functions and features, content, and more.

Unless it's your preference or absolutely necessary, I'll never ask you what your budget is. Instead we'll make a wish list of what you'd like your website to be, and determine what that site would cost. If need be we can prioritize features of your site to bring things within reach, always allowing for easy expansion when the time is right.

Our first meeting is free. If nothing else we'll each make a new friend.

I don't have forms or questionnaires. I won't assign you a project manager. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that process, it's simply not the way I work.

I will meet with you and others in your organization as needed. We'll discuss your business, your customers, and how to best serve them with your website. We'll take a look at other websites to determine what functions and features will prove most useful for your business and your customers. We'll discuss look and feel. Most importantly, we'll share ideas.

From this meeting I'll generate a homepage that will convey the design, content, navigation, and appearance of the site. We'll tweak this design as we move forward.

That depends on a number of things, the least of which isn't you. The best websites, the most effective, are those that are collaborative efforts between client and designer. To that end I'll rely on you for both content and verification, so your schedule will play a role as well as mine. Which brings me to...

My schedule; for most projects I work alone. I'll be honest about what my workload is at any given time and when we can actually begin work in earnest on your site. At that point it largely depends on the size and complexity of your site. Some websites can be built in a few days, others can take a few months. Literally.

I hope you will.

I create my sites using WordPress, as do most of my peers these days. As I often say, if you can use Microsoft Word you can use WordPress. I'll show you how.

Now I'll share a simple truth; most of my clients who think they'd like to update their own sites are kept too busy running their own businesses. I think that's a good problem to have. That's why I say I also offer website "management" and I'm happy to handle this for you if you'd like. Or we can share.

Pleasant I hope, but I'll assume you're looking for details to get a feel for Net Prophet and me, Mike Rice.

I started this business in March of 1999, leaving IBM on my own terms and just not thrilled with corporate life after nearly 20 years. I've always run the business out of my home. I love commuting in my socks and one of my greatest joys in life was being Mr. Mom as my kids were growing up.

My work and ethics are very professional, but my process and manner just as informal. For most projects I work alone. I do have an incredible graphic artist I work with, Linda Vos, for particularly stunning sites. There are also programmers I contract for larger or more complex projects on occasion.

If I'm being honest, what I feel I offer my clients above all else is a personal service that I just plain enjoy providing. Visit my Portfolio page to see if you know some of my clients. I invite you to speak with any of them. They're all great people and I don't think any of them would mind.

Because it is.

This website is my calling card, a way to let you know who I am and what I do. Quickly. I get enjoyment and satisfaction (OK, and profit) putting time and effort into my client's sites, not mine. Visit my Portfolio page if you want to know what a Net Prophet website looks like.